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David Brown Boasts New Service Centre

Innovative and pioneering as always, David Brown Gear Industries is excited to announce capital investment into their Service Centre, adding “service orientated” to its list of offerings.

Keeping in touch with market needs, David Brown Gear Industries have invested R12 million into an in-house service centre, becoming the only company in the country able to service large gears as well as conveyor drive gearboxes. The investment into the service centre is part of an expansive roll-out by David Brown to improve efficiency and service delivery to its customers and doubling their available capacity.

An extensive “Voice of the customer” survey performed by David Brown revealed that many of their clients were concerned about the absence of servicing capabilities available in Africa and their exposure to risk of serious downtimes and lost revenue when breakdowns occur. Imported units with little local backup was a serious concern, whereas the local manufacturing capability of David Brown to refurbish gears & units saving customers time and money is seen as a great comfort.

David Brown Gear Industries has invested millions in upgrading their facilities with machines such as the Niles Grinder (R15M) which is a CNC form Gear Grinder capable of gear grinding up to 3 meters in diameter. 

They boast a new 3 meter carburising furnace (R3.5 M) and Mimax CNC Horizontal Planer (R5M), with a table size of 8000 x 3500mm. The Carburising Furnace enables the service of upgrading gearboxes, as well as increasing David Brown’s product range to include large single drive reduction gearboxes.

To offer a better service to the industry DBGI have opened a dedicated Service centre on its Benoni site to specifically cater for the South African gear industry aftermarket. Manned by a dedicated team of professions and including workshops equipped with all the machines required to be a stand alone company the New Service centre offers a unique opportunity to give the industry exactly what it needs. David Brown have invested R3 million into two 30 ton and one 10 ton cranes which facilitates their capacity for servicing gear units.  Their latest acquisition is that of a Pfauter Kapp Grinder (R2M).

David Brown’s service extends throughout the whole of Africa, including countries such as Kenya, Malawi, Ghana and Burkina Faso, and have recently established an agency in Chile.

The new centre will focus on servicing the Standard Industrial Reducer (SIR) market used throughout industry in such applications as Conveyor drives, Stacker reclaimers, stirrers, agitators Etc. David Brown will service all makes and sizes of SIR’s and aims to reduce gearbox strip and quote turn around time from 14 to 7 days.

The new centre gives David Brown greater control to give the industry exactly what it needs. Fast, efficient turnaround times at economical prices. They plan to expand the idea to offer David Brown controlled Service Centres throughout the country.

David Brown Gear Industries’ investment in a service department have once again set them apart from their competitors revealing why David Brown has become a brand of its own in industries throughout the country.

“Our way ahead is clear” says Managing Director, Mike Field, “with our recent award of an equivalent level 5 BBBEE status, David Brown is now officially open for increased capacity.
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