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Gearboxes for gold mining

Gold. Rich, pure, unadulterated gold. It gives us style, pleasure and wealth, and it’s only fitting that it is treated with the utmost care and respect. With this in mind, David Brown Gear Industries have developed their capabilities and machining capacity to manufacture, repair and service gear units, girth gears and pinion shafts.

In keeping with its international prowess, David Brown Gear Industries is one of four companies in the world capable of manufacturing and fabricating 14, 5 metre diameter girth gears to recognised International Quality Standards. These are generally used in ‘hard rock’ mining applications, to extract copper, gold, platinum and other precious metals or diamonds.
David Brown’s fabricated girth gears undergo a unique welding process ensuring that material hardness is maintained. This process not only shortens lead times, but retains precision engineered excellence.

Keeping in touch with their customers’ needs, David Brown Gear Industries has always been at the forefront of expansion, realising that their market needs a fast and efficient service for the repair of gear units.

With this in mind David Brown invested over R5 million into establishing their first dedicated service centre. “We have increased our capacity for the service of gear units by installing a 30 ton and 10 ton crane in the service area and doubling the floor space to provide our customers with the service that they require.” Says Bill Gorman, sales director at David Brown Gear Industries (PTY) Ltd.

The centre, based in Benoni, will work specifically on a rapid turnaround time from receipt of a unit to quotation stage and offer excellent delivery periods for the completion of any repairs.

This new facility is separate from current manufacturing facilities and will be self sufficient, with all the resources required to enable the quick turn around time of repairs and breakdowns. These capabilities include profile grinding, machining and testing capabilities required for the repair of gear units. Gear units will be stripped, assessed, quoted and repaired within this self contained dedicated area.
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